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Frequently asked questions

Is ®MindBlow approved by Health Canada?

Yes it is! We respect the limits issued by Health Canada to assure everything is safe. Make sure to read the cautions written on each can/jar right below the Nutrition Facts.

Is there a crash after consuming ®MindBlow? (Energy drink / Supplement)

There is none! If you drink a lot of coffee or energy drinks, make sure to sip plenty of water between each stimulant drink*.

What is the difference between ®MindBlow Supplement and Energy Drink?

The formula is pretty much the same (Some small differences in the amount of certain ingredients). The difference is mainly in the taste and the fact that our energy drink is carbonated. Both are fast acting formulas and you will feel the same awesome effects.

What is a nootropic?

The term "nootropic" refers to natural supplements that are capable of increasing cognitive functions: short and long-term memory, learning speed, decision-making, energy, ability to concentrate, neurogenesis. Our formula therefore combines these nootropics for their powerful action, as well as amino acids and vitamins for the health of your brain. You will never have tried an energy drink like ours.


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