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What is a Nootropic?

The term “nootropic” refers to natural supplements that are capable of increasing cognitive functions: short and long-term memory, learning speed, decision-making, energy, ability to concentrate, neurogenesis. Our formula therefore combines these nootropics for their powerful action, as well as amino acids and vitamins for the health of your brain. You will never have tried an energy drink like ours.

General ®MindBlow Product

The formula is pretty much the same (Some small differences in the amount of certain ingredients). The difference is mainly in the taste and the fact that our energy drink is carbonated. Both are fast acting formulas and you will feel the same awesome effects.
Yes it is! We respect the limits issued by Health Canada to assure everything is safe. Make sure to read the cautions written on each can/jar right below the Nutrition Facts.

Introducing ®MindBlow Energy Drink

The action of nootropics is incomparable to anything on the market today. Traditional drinks give you a VERY temporary feeling of energy due to the caffeine, but quickly you will feel tired when the boost is over. With nootropics, you will be able to experience effects on your energy, focus, learning ability, and even your mood for several hours without crashing.

Mind Blow Nootropics is the first Canadian energy drink that uses Nootropics as his main ingredients, meaning that the ingredients used in this drink are meant to boost your MENTAL energy.

Because in addition to being FREE, you will have a ton of benefits, discounts, promotions, contests and opportunities with us. You will also participate in real time in the decisions surrounding the development of our products. Mind Blow is first and foremost a community enterprise.

First of all, thank you for your interest in helping us in this great adventure. Step #1 is to join our community by filling out the form below. This will give you access to all of our benefits over time. We also encourage you to join our Discord. This is where you can interact with our team and other community members to help with product development. Got a flavor idea? A country to develop? We will be listening to you!

Excellent question. For now, we are targeting a release of the product in Quebec for Q3 of 2022 and in Canada for the following weeks after that. Since these dates may change, we will update the answer here as soon as we have an official date.

For the moment, the standard 473ml is the only size available

Is there a crash after consuming ®MindBlow?

There is none! If you drink a lot of coffee or energy drinks, make sure to sip plenty of water between each stimulant drink*


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